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TEC updates MTCTE procedure v3.0

TEC has incorporated the following points in its MTCTE procedure v3.0:

  1. Enhancement of validity of Regular MTCTE Certificate from 5 years to 10 years
  2. Revision of MTCTE labelling requirement changes in its Annexure-D
  3. Exemption of certification fee for government institutes and removal of test report evaluation fee in its Annexure-C.
  4. Updated Table A.1 and A.2 of its Annexure-A.
  5. Updating Family and Associated Models definition for optical fibre cable under MTCTE in Annexure-B
  6. Updating SCS scheme for uploading of test reports
  7. Acceptance of valid certificate issued by BIS or test reports issued by BIS recognized lab(s) against safety requirements under MTCTE
  8. Acceptance of Source Approval Certificate (SAC) under MTCTE
  9. Clarification regarding End of Life/ End of Sale for whole unit warranty replacement products under MTCTE
  10. Acceptance of test reports of CAB designated for Generic Requirements (GR)/ Interface Requirements (IR) for the parameters of ER under MTCTE
  11. Removal of NABL mandate for witness testing by RTEC
  12. Notification of ITSARs
  13. Addition of part codes of lower configuration cards
  14. Test scenarios in case of Split Unit Type models
  15. Fresh application for more than associated models
  16. Updated MTCTE Flowchart
  17. Removal of clauses related to Temporary Certificate

Link to MTCTE Procedure v3.0 MTCTE Portal: TEC Online Certification Portal