About Compliance International

Compliance International helps the world’s manufacturers determine the most cost-effective methods of ensuring their products comply with the standards and requirements of the world’s regulators.

We accomplish this by using unique resources, maintaining a strong client focus and technical expertise.

Our Unique Resources

Compliance International has built a unique organization in the conformity assessment industry. For over two decades, we have had our own team of professionals on the ground in foreign markets, dedicated to the task of streamlining the regulatory approvals of our clients' products. Our highly focused, highly motivated team spans across Asia, Oceania, and Silicon Valley. Our offices are not simply email aliases or voicemail boxes. We have our own wholly owned subsidiary companies staffed with compliance professionals. Each share in our training resources and our secure information systems. And each team member is dedicated to supporting our clients' products. From these locations, we currently support approvals in over 40 countries, with more being added as our clients' needs continue to expand.

Our Strong Client Focus

We maintain an intense focus on driving our clients’ success, and we have made this our philosophy that carries through everything we do at every step of the way. We cater to our clients’ specific interests to support their global strategies to ensure they are compliant. When we have clients who have continued to entrust their work with us for over two decades, we know we are doing something right.  

Our Technical Expertise

Many regulatory authorities require in-country testing at their own facilities or at government accredited laboratories. Our engineers are experts in telecommunications equipment, radio equipment and ITE testing. And when the newest technologies from our clients outpace existing standards and test procedures in these markets, we know how to bridge the gap. We recently set up a new testing lab in India since TEC, Department of Telecommunications, Government of India mandated mandatory testing of telecom equipment in India.