Simplifying the complex web of global regulatory compliance

Compliance International helps the world’s manufacturers determine the most cost-effective methods of ensuring their products comply with the standards and requirements of the world’s regulators.


Telecom Equipment

Communications equipment with public telecom network interfaces

Radio & Wireless Devices

Radio equipment and any product with a wireless transmitter

Information Technology Equipment

Equipment without radio transmitters or public telecom network connections

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Compliance International offers end-to-end support for homologation of your products. We take you from the initial step of determining approval, through to preparing the technical application packages and providing on-site engineering test support when in-country testing is required. 


Our relationships with local regulatory authorities are key to expediting your approval.






Complete testing services for telecommunications products through 


Compliance International Telecom Laboratories



Full engineering test support with trained engineers to support your global approvals. 

Reduce costs and time-to-market.
Use our presence for countries that require a local applicant.
Leverage the value of separating the responsibility of product compliance from your sales and distribution teams so they can focus on what matters to you: Selling Your Products!