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New expanded requirements for Smart TV Box certification by Anatel

Anatel released Act No.9281 dated July 5, 2023, with new technical requirements for the assessment of Smart TV Box Compliance.

This Act will become mandatory on September 11, 2023.

The objective is to prevent any device from introducing illegal access of copyright audio and visual material as well as any threat to cybersecurity of users of telecommunication networks.

Cyberattacks such as intrusion int the user’s local network, theft of personal information and denial service attacks are just a few examples of the current threats that users can be exposed.

The new requirements published by Anatel introduce a new assessment methodology that includes in summary the following milestones:

- Search for any software or pre-installed application in the product if appears in the list of irregular equipment or software published or endorsed by Anatel.

- Review if the product contains any functionality that is subject to copyright infringement of audiovisual content.

- Check if the equipment is provided with resources that allow changing characteristics of its operating system or if it allows the installation of unverified third-party applications.

- Verify whether the manufacturer or the national representative presents in any form instructions or information on the use, update, or installation of software or applications intended for illegal access to audiovisual content.