Type Approval Support

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We know that the stakes are high. Regulatory approvals can have a big impact on time to market.

End-to-End Professional Support

We take your products from the initial step of determining approval requirements and the best approval strategy for your target markets, through to preparing the technical application packages and providing on-site engineering test support when in-country testing is required. Throughout the process we work closely with local regulatory authorities to avoid unnecessary delays.

Full Engineering Test Support

International approvals often require in-country testing of the equipment. We invest heavily in training to ensure that our engineers have the technical expertise to support your products. This helps to minimize delays in testing and gives our clients peace of mind that their approvals are in good hands. Our experienced compliance engineers work with your staff to understand the set-up and configuration of the products, and then go on to support the products through testing. Our engineers will also share information across our offices to streamline your testing in the next market.

Local Presence

In countries where approval is issued only to a local entity, we can often hold certificates on behalf of clients who lack a local presence. Manufacturers value the flexibility of separating product approvals from distributors.

Strong Local Connections

Relationships are the key to success in much of the world. Because we submit so many applications in each market, we enjoy very good professional relationships with the individuals at the regulatory agencies. We leverage these relationships to avoid unnecessary delays in processing of our clients' applications.

Project Management

Throughout the process we provide you with constant progress information and interaction through Compliance Manager, our custom-developed secure extranet. Through Compliance Manager, you will have at your fingertips all the compliance information needed for planning launch and shipping schedules. You can also manage the approval processes for many products across many markets at once with only a small staff time commitment.