Local Research

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  • Does radio frequency allocation in China allow the use of my product?
  • How will India's regulators treat my proprietary interface?
  • What's the dialing plan for Pakistan?
  • What carrier services are offered in Japan?
Compliance International's team of local experts is standing by ready to research your questions. When your questions go beyond the information we keep on hand about the regulatory environments in the markets we cover, we can perform an investigation to address certain specific questions and present our results in a simple summary or a full report. Our related company, Intersect, LLC, can even help beyond the regulatory arena. Intersect is a group of research professionals providing technology and market research around the world to some of the world's leading R&D organizations. Our team knows whom to approach for answers in each market and how to ask the questions -- not only in the local native languages, but with the proper cultural considerations. Naturally, we can maintain full confidentiality if necessary. This allows our clients to ask questions about new technologies or products under development without tipping their hands. Contact us today to learn more