Designated as Conformity Assessment Body [CAB] by TEC, Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, Compliance International Telecom Laboratories is ready to help you market your products to India and beyond.
As per proposed scheme for mandatory testing of telecom equipment in India, TEC has authorized designated CABs to test various telecom equipment per applicable TEC standards and generate test reports indicating compliance of equipment under test (EUT) with TEC ER/TSTP. TEC will accept test reports generated by CAB and will issue approval certificates based on these test reports.
Testing can be carried out by our CAB independently. By using this approach, you can save precious time and effort in getting TEC test and approval.

Please read our Statement of Impartiality

The current scope of our lab

We continue to expand our scope to meet TEC and industry demand. If your product does not fall within the following scope, please contact us.
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Media Gateway Router Lan Switch SIP Terminal Wi-Fi Access Point IVRS (CTI) Interface requirements of a switching node with network-network interface at 2048kbps Interface requirements of a switching node with network-network interface at STM-1 ISDN Customer Premises Equipment High Speed Line Driver Session Border Controller (SBC)
With over two decades of experience in consulting and testing for regulatory approvals in the telecom industry throughout the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia, and with an expert team of skilled and dynamic engineers, Compliance International Telecom Laboratories can provide testing services using advanced and calibrated test equipment without compromising test quality. In short, the benefits of engaging our laboratory service are:

Less time and effort for testing

Faster time to market for your products

Lower total cost of approval

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