MoC Telecom Type Approval

Equipment connected to the public network requires type approval from Israel's Ministry of Communications (MoC). Approval can often be issued based on review of foreign standard test reports without in-country testing.  Compliance International can help you complete telecom approval in Israel. 

 MoC Wireless Type Approval

Israel's Ministry of Communications (MoC) issues type approval for radio terminal devices. The approval process includes review of foreign standard test reports, but MoC may require additional testing and/or inspection sample(s) of the equipment. 

 SII Type Approval

SII requires approval of ITE to ensure conformance with EMC and safety standards. Approval is granted based on review of test reports, such as a CB report, but in-country testing is often required. The applicant for approval must be a local entity. Compliance International can help you complete SII approval in Israel and can provide the local applicant.


MoE (Ministry of Economy) Approval

MoE grant exemption from SII certification based on Safety and EMC Test Reports to International Standards for some product categories. MoE certificate is for one year and can be used by the designated importer only.