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New Changes to IFETEL Mexico

Changes have been made to update the technical specifications of Mobile Terminal Equipment that is used in the radio spectrum or telecommunications networks, as well as Part 3, Cellular Broadcasting for notification of Emergency and or Risk Situations.

The main changes include:

Channels allocated in Mobile Terminal Equipment to receive Alert Messages may not be utilized for marketing, promotional, or any other functions not expressly permitted by the technical requirement.

Digital radiocommunication simulators will be used to test whether mobile terminal equipment complies with the format for displaying alert messages.

Prior to the Modification’s entrance into force, Mobile Terminal Equipment that was undergoing a conformity evaluation procedure shall continue to do so under the Modification’s initial provisions.

The MMI codes given by the ETM manufacturers are used to enable and activate Channels 4380 (main configuration) and 519 (secondary configuration).

For a period of no more than 120 calendar days after the Modification’s entrance into force, test laboratories and certification bodies may continue to produce Test Reports and CoCs in accordance with the previous version of DT IFT-011-2022, issued on September 13, 2022.

The Modifications went into effect on September 21, 2023.